XXIV Reaping Festival and Beat Avià 08/07/12

XXIV Reaping Festival and Beat Avià. Two of the more traditional jobs in the field, i fresh battery, traditional name given to this party that describes, any rera any, becomes a summer day on a holiday and work. But although the event the party is on 8, This abans, the avianesos already working hard. This time, some young people may also become learners of this rural feinejar helping to prepare a dozen sheaves and cavallons, while others also help in the harvest. The party does not forget the more festive side through song, with a research project that started 8 years and this year culminates with the participation of a group of musicians in Alghero. Les festes també seran aquest any “de pel·lícula” amb el rodatge del curt “Esta nit a Foix” durant la setmana prèvia a la festa.

Morning, a l 'element of the Santa Maria 8 h, Mass in the church of Santa Maria Avià. 9 h and throughout the morning, Demonstrations of mowing, garbejar i batre, by the gang of laborers Avià. · Al camp, begging, fer the mos, fresh, i lligar acaballonar. · A l’era, garbejar, The batuda, Batre to potes, turn batuda, rampillar, fer Paller the ventar. Following the tradition of recent years, each bring a mower that will start learning on the job or continue to teach what I had last year. While performing the tasks of harvesting and beat, count on the music of a group of Alghero with songs that accompany the work of labor and tavern. 10 h, Reapers esmorzar, demonstration of the typical breakfast that the laborers were to perform this work so hard. The breakfast was the most important meal of the houses and kept the best products to offer to the reapers.

At mati, d'sale esmorzars of Page, by housewives Avià.

Of them 9 h, and throughout the morning, prop de l'era batuda: · Fira de productes d’artesans de pagès. · Demostració de fer cordes i de filar llana, by families and Clop River and phyto-Mounted, more demonstrations of other occupations associated with the farm work. · XVII Trobada de puntaires, from around the region. Organized: Grup of Puntaires of Avià. · Intercanvi de robes de patchwork i demostració. Organized: Merceria Salvans i alumnes patchwork d'Avia. Late, Park of the hill and to the square of the Athenaeum 18:30 h, Concert of traditional music of Songs of Alghero in Alghero by the group formed by Gabriel Claudio Sanna, Angel Maresca "the barber" Josep M ª Cols, to track the Parc del Tossal rodona.

A continuació, Pastís Degustació of the Reaper, Goldeneye soaked in Muscat. 20 h, Pep i amb Ball Maria José, Plaça de l'the Ateneu.