Bagà, V Jornades Templeres 16/03/2013

10:00 Xocolatada popular, playground, metals the moldelat “Make a Templar”, puppets and struggles Medieval Square Porch
12:30 Concert charging músicabaganesa” directed by Francesc Quintana Square Porch.
13:30 Tamborinada. with “Group of drums of the Casa de Aragon”
14:00 free lunch
16:00 Guided tour through the old town. Home: before the portal of the church of St. Stephen.
17:45 Screening of short films”Baga medieval feelings” filmed by students of 1st ESO Berga and presented at the International Film Festival Super 8 Calella de la Costa.
Next conference “The implementation of the Order of the Temple Berguedà” and his remains current by Pere López Cristóbal Cascante Center and the Natural Park of Cadí.
19:30 Output entourage courtyard of the Palace of Pines to Place Porch, where he will honor the last great master of the Order of the Temple Jacques de Molay, burned in Paris 18 March 1314.
20:30 Finale, Tamborinada and burn popular rum.
22:00 Supper at the La Pineda recital with troubadours and Ana Maria Matias Madrid Mau.
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