Trobada of Forjadors, Alpens 18, 19 i 20 of Maig

Alpens 18, 19 i 20 maig of Fira i Trobada of Forjadors
This year the Fair has already started Friday, and coincides with the sixth Serminari Landscape and Tourism, dedicat to Land Art. On Friday it will be seen as begin to forge the blacksmith.
Saturday activity continues to forge, i l'anbientació d'ALPENS it transforms into time dels pugs, the 1873. At migdia hi has a vermouth vintage in the 2/4 of 7 in the evening you can see the representation of “Battle of Alpens, Cabrinetty contra Savalls”.
Sunday, all morning, ferries end piece collective led by teachers Michael and Henry Xirau Plan, you can visit the Forge Street that is the center of the town, and crafts stalls. Al migdia es col·locarà la peça, that a fan 6 meters alt i 3 wide and is dedicated to the time raised the Dance Alpensina.