Sanctuary of Quar, Berguedà


The sanctuary is encinglerat in Quar 1069 m, the north-eastern sector of the term, atop a rocky mass, in a plane surrounded by a vertical cliff which reaches more than 100 m, on the neck of Jovell, from where a magnificent view overlooking the valley Merlès, the county and the Pyrenean peaks.

It corresponds to the old parish of Santa Maria de la Quar, mentioned in 839 the consecration of the Cathedral of Urgell with the name of Island Run (Latinization of probable Lakorr, sufixal variant Basque Lakarra "lots of records", it must refer to the rock where there).

From 840 There was a decline in the settlement of all the region that motivates a strong political and religious disorganization, and the parish was possibly abandoned. With the resumption of Wilfred the Hairy, from 879, established in the territory a number of farmers who come under the jurisdiction of the representative of the count, the vicar of the neighboring castle Portella.

It was then that the church was rebuilt and consecrated by the bishop on Nantigís 1 December 899. A misreading of the consecration ("Consecrandas images that come to the Church" means "to come to the Church of consecrandas", error corrected by Cyprian Baraut) had given rise to a number of interpretations about alleged altars to pagan idols or a possible desecration of the church by Muslims, Today unfounded.

The territory was assigned to the parish from the stream Merlès, River Borredà, to the mountains of Mascaro, the Montsent, and Pictures (no identifiable name), and probably included the present territories of Portella de Sant Maurici.