San Roman Clusa, Alt Berguedà


San Roman Clusa is an ancient village and parish, which now is part of the municipality of Castell de l'Areny, Berguedà. From 1250 m dominates the hollow of Clusa.[Access to mountain tracks, from different villages, Nine Berguedà, Sant Julià de Cerdanyola, La Pobla de Lillet or Vilada. This last option is the simplest, in the same town is the way some 10 km.
It retains the old church of San Roman, Romanesque. Built in the twelfth century, was restored between 1963 i 1965. It is a building with a long nave barrel vaulted arches without reinforcement, slightly pointed and short stature. The building is topped with a semicircular apse of smaller dimensions, oriented east. The difference between the nave and the apse is saved by a triumphal arch. The entrance is on one side, s south wall, and is an arch adovellat. There are not many openings, are small, All of arch situated in prominent places. In the far west, on the church belfry rises two openings. The household is small stones, arranged in irregular rows. The roof is gabled Arab tile tile Roman ship and the apse.