Route RAMADERA 3/06/12

The Livestock Route 03/06/2012 08:00
Proposem Us 4 ways to enjoy this route.
A BTT: Sortida to them 8 h, of the Union of Sagàs. tour, Sagàs - Avià - Sagàs, 38 km.
A Cavall: Sortida to them 8 h, of Olvan City Council. Recurregut, Olvan, Avia, Olvan, 22 km.
Little: Sortida to them 8 h, of the Espunyola City Council. tour: l’Espunyola - Avià - l’Espunyola.
Nordic Walking: Departures at 9 i have 11h, of the city council of Avià. tour: Short circular route along the Avià cattle route to learn the Nordic Walking technique.
Meeting of all participants around the 10 h, in Avià to enjoy a popular shepherd’s breakfast