Quan surge els rovellons?


The experts say that the mushroom primordia are formed in the winter or spring. These little mushrooms hold underground dryness and summer heat and wait for the opportune moment to enbogir Catalan forests and flower.

Experts say that good rains over 40 i liters of MES 4 hours are enough to mice.lli that has fed and start over. If the following three weeks the soil temperature low temperature of 9 ° and the wind is not blowing too hard, The mushrooms aparaixeran strongly to young pine forests where the conditions have been met.

A cop han florat els rovellons, conditions so that the moisture is going to continue to remain, sinónim that no vent Bufi, i l'ambient that is conservi moderadament humit. If due to lack of wind and the rain stop her blossoming mushroom, ja Caldra not wait 3 weeks.

You can have fun checking it takes days to return the mushrooms to flourish after watching his growth stopped for inclement weather.