Medieval bridge of Pedret


Stone bridge formed by a large central pointed arch and three, both the right and left, and small semicircular, slightly irregular segmental. Is an example of a typical bridge in back of ass. Rises significantly above a narrow open on a rocky platform on the river s'engorja. It has a railing and a stone pavement. In a classical landscape River Edge, in wilderness, conditioned by the road that leads, rebuilt and paved, and by tracing the path of train, now defunct. It is the only bridge to access the church of Sant Quirze Pedret.
It is believed that the oldest parts of the bridge can correspond in the thirteenth century, coinciding with the first mention of the monument to ancient sources. Besides, probably seen major reforms made in the following century, and others in modern times, perhaps the seventeenth century. The archaeological work will not affect the safety of the bridge but merely cleaning immediate environment and the excavation of sediments downstream of land that could have been stratified, as the two ends of the bridge where you have accumulated land.