OLVAN. Festa de Sant Sebastià or Festa de l’Arròs. 20/01/2014


After the Christmas holidays, the residents of the town of Olvan are still active and waiting for the feast of San Sebastián.
This popular festival is held in gratitude to San Sebastián for having heard the pleas that the people made to him to free them from the plague that had spread throughout the region..
That is why today we want to talk about the neighbors, of the people who make up this non-profit group that makes this festival possible year after year, as the whole village collaborates with the donations that are collected from house to house.
The feast of San Sebastian in Olvan is celebrated with a great popular rice, "The meal of the poor". The night before all the neighbors start preparing this rice cake.
Pounds and pounds of green pepper, red, onion, at all…, they are chopped by hand to make the stir-fry. While some prepare this stir-fry, others fry the cut (rabbit, botifarra, etc.) and fish (shrimps, squid, clams…). The Olvan Union's premises are starting to breathe, the smells mix with the curious people who come to smell the fish suquet that boils in the pots at the back and the smell of the stir-fry that already makes "chup-chup" in the pots. Therefore, a small party begins the night before San Sebastian.
The long-awaited day arrives and the early risers begin to prepare the bonfires to put the huge pots for the rice. Tables and benches are set up in the church square, they also start assembling the drums turned into barbecues to make the sausages and there are already the first slides up and down because again, the rice is to everyone’s taste and unforgettable for everyone.