Oil Mine Riutort


Oil Mine Riutort, whose distinguishing feature from other mining Berguedà drew from the fact that oil (bituminosos). Today, After a hundred years of inactivity can be observed as the oil flowing from the rock walls.

In a place known as the cave of Gypsies, in the early twentieth century was formed Compañía Minera Riutort (French property Philipp Petit and Jules Claviez), in order to explore and exploit bituminous marl (transported by mules to the distillery), which extracted oil. A few years after the inauguration, the mine was closed for its insufficient production, but now visitors can go into to the depths, a us 340 metres, and tour the extensive galleries, still dripping oil from the rock and make the strong smell of hydrocarbons. Located within the perimeter of the Natural Park of Caddy, is one of the few underground mines of oil in the world, which makes it a unique historical curiosity of the industrial revolution in Berguedà. To preserve and protect the wealth of fauna (Pyrenean newts, salamanders and bats), some of the mining facilities have been excluded from the tourist itinerary.

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