Morning solid engine Queralt, Sunday, 24 d'April 2016


Meeting noncompetitive classic cars and motorcycles.

Meeting place; parking detour road from Ras (Black front restaurant Source).

Registration: of 9.00 the meeting place at 10:00 am.

Check: them 10.00h, output mode minute road open to traffic.

The Morning solidarity engine Queralt 2016 is presented as a unique event in terms of classic encounters.

To begin the meeting and tour are cherished goals for Berguedans
where his landscapes invite up there again and again. Unique is also the possibility that
provide organizers in Queralt2016 do the tour mode
rise in costs, with road open to traffic, leaving each participant by minute. There is a
mountain race. Neither is a competitive event. Morning Solidarity is one where the price
registration is reflected in a donation 5 euros in aid Centennial

Owners of classic cars and motorcycles (over 25 years) will show off their machines from the 9 on Sunday morning 24 April in the parking lot of the intersection of Rasos de Peguera after registration and donation, to climb to the car park of the Sanctuary. Also interested and classic fans can enjoy the event from the verges of the road ascending.

The organization of the Morning is in charge of motor clubs of the region, i s’han
equipped with all legal requirements and safety of such an event

Access to the Sanctuary will not be cut but regulated by the organizers so that they can carry out the rise of classic cars and motorcycles combined with access to Queralt. In the same way that anyone who wants to lower the Sanctuary, you can do so while respecting the orders of the organizers.