Pig slaughter in Borredà, 15/02/15


Borredà held this Sunday, Pig Slaughter. A day that began as a gathering of friends for Breakfast with the killing, and has finished become a party. Does 41 years held and convening power has been further, being a festival that attracts between 400 i 500 people in recent years.
In compliance with the animal protection law, a cartilage, given by the Catalan company Feed, sacrifices Saturday and Sunday morning to take the Square, where it is chopped and grilled on a charcoal barbecues. Besides, Fireworks are prepared the ground so people can make toast.
To them 10 Morning start sharing bread and meat. Also weighing pigs 130 kg, City Council adds Borredà 70 kilos of black pudding. There will be bread 60 kg, and there is also the lack of wine porrons.