The Gallina Pelada from the Cross Fumanya (Peguera)



The classic routes to climb the north side of the divide Gallina Pelada. However, after having been more than once, surely we want to return to the top but looking for new routes. Since the plan Fumanya Cross and Peguera can be two very good alternatives that allow us to know "another" Saw Ensija, the southern slopes.

Difficulty: average. There is a point with the way loser (marked waypoint) you can save if you deviate before a forest track to the left. There is a stretch of uphill climb but simple. If spring, can present a problem in the fall (we recommend going here)
Slope: 962 meters of accumulated ascent
Time: and between 4h 5h, by rhythm. Without the top of the Iron Cross, 30 min less.
km: 12,7 km
Variants: The Gallina Pelada can do on north side, going up the Font Freda o bé the ravine of Llobateres. On the eastern side, you can also upload from the site Fumanya. From the south side, You can complete the route either via Peguera, If you want to avoid losing the way, making a small deviation in the set point.

Departing from the esplanade Cross Fumanya (the breaking out on the track to Peguera). Leave the car here and follow the forest track has the right and the road begins to rise. During the first part of this route, we follow the track that climbs gently for about 20 minutes. Just shortly after starting, see the path off to the right and that is where we will.

A few 20 minutes after the march began, find a detour roads two blue arrows. The trail to the left and below it is more fressada, but here I'm on the right track based on me that I had downloaded. undoubtedly, it is better to lose a little high and follow the trail to the left, as the road is very evident. You go gently down until you find the track that comes from it is Peguera GR-107 (Route of the Cathars)

If you follow the right path, you will shortly no longer track and became path. In the first section is well trodden and it is easy to follow. After, reach a meadow and the road, suddenly, disappears. Cross the meadow and see blue brands, but if we follow, we turn to an area boxwoods loser. So, at this point, it is better to look at the GPS and try to recognize the path that appears TopoPirineos and smooth down. I must say that this section is quite blurred and has some points losers. At the end of all, arrive at the same track next Peguera, but quite higher than the other option.

A cop to the forest track, there is no loss. We continue by GR-107 and we see before us the Roca Grande Ferrús, an imposing cliff overlooking the south side of the Gallina Pelada and is a real challenge for climbers.

After a while, reach the House Ferrús, that gives name to the cliffs in the area. We leave the trail and take a path on the side of the house. From this point, start climbing up to the foot of the Roca Grande Ferrús. At this point, worth lifted up.

Rock skirt for your feet, cross a small pan and now the climb Grand Canal. This intensifies the rise and gain height and short views. Halfway channel, GR was going to the left side. If you do not deviate here, it should above, the end part of the channel.

We arrived at Narrow Neck and looms before us all Solsona and Port del Comte. Precisely, no account here as we move forward we must turn to the right. Leave the GR and climb up along coasts milestones first and then red traces. This section is the steepest rise.

The road gives way to a rocky area of ​​"the Llosanques"Where we help with your hands at some point, without difficulty. Just be sensitive if it rained or dock and go down. Uploaded, head problem.

Follow the red until the Roca Blanca (2.290 m), from where we will see for the first time Pedraforca and the Cadi. Once here, we follow the path marked with the crest and bounded up to the Gallina Pelada. The last meters pass through a rocky stretch almost without difficulty.

Coronem the Head of Gallina Pelada or No Llitzet (2.321 m) i, after seeing the sights, Now go down towards the Shelter Ensija. Within 15-20 minutes here and there we can take to stop. Next, take the path that goes to the right (on the left leads to the Font Freda) and cross the Plan Ensija gentle climb to the Torrent neck of Pedregoses.

Once here, We can choose to do top of the Iron Cross (2.297 m) or pull down. We will make this summit a half hour (there and back). To get there, just follow brand PR until the cross, Aluminum is now.

From the neck, we see torrent where we have to go down. We a estaques to take the road and began to descend steep. We went down for a long time and lose height quickly. We always follow the steep ravine.

Quite down, crossing forest track and continue down the path. A piece below, find that Two road forks (waypoint). This point can mislead us as the fastest way is the right one, but the target is on the left. All roads lead to the same place, but the right is faster. Cross again and the track passes a clearing where a power line and finally found the way to where we've gone in the morning. We came back to Plan Cross Fumanya within 5 minutes.