The May Fair in Berga, 30 d’abril i 1 of maig

The May Fair Fair comes back as multi reference Berga and one of the most important central Catalonia. This year part of a special context, because the protagonist is a theme very strategic region, but also strategic for the overall development of the world today, we are talking about Circular Economy.
It is clear that the linear model of economic growth -extreure, manufacture, consume and throw- in which trusted in the past already conforms to the needs of today's society. Many natural resources are finite, so we must find new ways to use them more sustainable. L’Economia Circular és un concepte que pretén garantir un creixement sostenible dels territoris mitjançant la utilització de recursos d’una manera més eficient i intel·ligent amb l’objectiu que el valor dels productes, materials and resources be maintained and circulated to the economy for as long as possible by minimizing waste generation.


One of the factors of circular economy is the use and reuse of waste, what a business does not serve may be useful to another company to enhance it and create a new product. Although the concept of circular economy has become popular recently, the use of this has a long history. A clear example of this economic performance is the symbiotic relationship that existed between the former power station search and the cement industry, where the second advantage of the waste generated from the combustion of coal, to produce cement.


Therefore, Fair in May this year, be held 30 d’abril i 1 of maig, will be represented different sectors, such as automotive, gardening, local food producers, crafts and other companies and services Berguedà, highlighting those companies and organizations that implement systems Circular Economy.