La Corrida in Puigreig 18-20/01/13


18 Gener

10 h, Breakfast and carriage rides for children in schools, Passeig Riera of the Board.

15 h, Infantil La Corrida, passejades amb rucs i jocs de les cintes amb la col·laboració de les escoles, Passeig Riera of the Board.

21:30 h, The Cuina of Porc, tasting dishes made with pork, the Llar d'avis Dr. Llaverias.

23:30 h, La Corrida Disco Ball with Sierra Show, to Pavelló of esports.

19 Gener

10 h, 8Raid is social Bullfighting, the Passeig de la Riera of the Board. Sortida to them 10 h and influx of riders from 11:30 h.

11 h, Rodeo, rides ponies and donkeys, Exhibition of work at the forge and farrier, the Passeig de la Riera of the Board. Enlivened by "Exit and Exit".

12 h, Inauguració de l’exposició col·lectiva de pintors, Library to Guillem de Berguedà.

19 h, sortida banderers's entourage, Commission on the run and authorities , pubilles i hereus, Templars and the banda Music Puig-Reig from the City to the Church.

19:30 h, Do Solemne one female a Sant Antoni, the Church.

20 Gener

8:30 h, XIII Ral·li Fotogràfic de La Corrida, Library Inscripcions to Guillem de Berguedà. Drum of the Devils Hole of Hell by village street.

From the 9 h, Festa porc a l'entorn. Free breakfast with sausage, the pa will. Demonstration of making sausages, by residents of Cal Marçal and Fonollet. Show sausage and handicrafts.

Sample traditional crafts of our country.

Exhibition of ancient artifacts from the field.

11 h, Standards for delivery of bearer, to City Council.

11:30 h, Parade through the streets of the town with horses and epaulettes accompanying giant Puig-Reig and pipers from all over Catalonia, Banda School Music Yard, Main Cobla Berga, Trumpets and Drums of Banda Can Ros Cabrera Anoia and the Devils Hole of Hell.

Durant the Cercavila, Tapes game against New Coffee.

13 h, Sardanes, the song Main Terrace.

15:30 h, La Corrida, Trofeu eighteenth Memorial Francesc Lladó, Curses Cavalls pura blood, Crusaders, rucs and below.

Next, Joc to Cintes.

All day, the Sala de la Creu, Charity Raffle for the fight against cancer.