The rutting deer and conservation of native trout Dates: 22 i 29 in september i 6 i 13 d'October


A project that unites the conservation of native trout with rutting deer Berguedà.

For a few years the Association for Environment Almond (AMAA) with the help of ambiens is conducting a non-profit project to conserve and reintroduce native trout from the headwaters of the Llobregat and Cardener. From a few players each fall when incubated eggs that are obtained in controlled conditions just to fry, which can be released into rivers to restore native populations have disappeared where.

To raise funds for implementing this project organized trips to hear the rumor of deer every evening Berguedà (to 17:30 to 20:30) Saturday from the day 15 setembre purposes of al 15 d'October. These trips are free and will only ask the audience. All proceeds will be invested in the project for the conservation of native trout.

The rutting deer is one of the most impressive nature offers us in our country. Every autumn deer males emit strong zeal and come roaring to mark their territory against other males with whom they often end up struggling at times horns.

Punt of trobada: House Colònies The Chamber, Guardiola Berguedà road to La Pobla de Lillet km 6,9 (senyal indicator).

To attend the outputs need to register on the phone 93 804 57 04 or a l'Adreça [email protected]. For more information, visit the website