Geological route: The sources of the Llobregat, the birth of a river 17/05/2014

Beside the peaks Moixeró, the river is born that is structured in recent centuries the history of Catalonia. the Llobregat, emerging seemingly out of nowhere inside the rock, finds its origin in the so-called karstic relief. This route between water and rocks near the charming village of Castellar de n'Hug, is ideal for the whole family. Even go into a cave!

Directions disclosure / family / trekking: a magnificent journey around Castellar de n'Hug, where you can enjoy nature, geology and water in a bucolic landscape. Walk in to the Sources of the Llobregat and final ascent to cave karst where we go over 100 meters without any danger.

What we see: karstic relief, Sources Llobregat, karst cave, limestone for water storage, red clay that make waterproof cap, normal fault, structures Pyrenees.

duration: all day.