BORREDÀ walks - CASTLE FOR Palmerola Salada


Time: 1 hour 15 minutes to return a little less for the return.
Slope: 223 meters of ascent and 93 meters downhill leg and equivalent to the inverse return.
length: 5 km 240 metres
Castle Pomerol or Palmerola: The terme of Palmerola (popularly called Pomerol) traditionally belonged to the diocese of Urgell, and later belonged to the bishopric of Solsona, but in 1956 crazy Inc.orporat in Vic
The old town of Palmerola is full of scattered settlement. The main services are located at the entrance to the trail that leads to the castle Palmerola, which has at its side the church of St. Vincent de Palmerola.
The castle stands on a small hill Palmerola, to 1 095 m d'altitude. Initially it was a strong house domus, mentioned in 1227, that was under the domain of the high lords of the castle and the barony of Portella, castlans care about knights or surname Palmerola, also were lords of the manor Vilatammar, Sant Martí Albars, the Lluçanès, where he lived for long periods. The 1437 Joan wormwood Palmerola rebuilt the old fortress, which acquired some autonomy in 1465, when Galceran de Pinos, Mr. Portella, infeudament made him a castle out and annex. The successors of Palmerola gradually increase this domain, until it practically became lords. The 1767 Carlos III granted the title of Marquis of Palmerola in Francis X. Despujol and German-Descatllar, title still perpetuated in the same family. The last Marquis, Josep Despujol, restored a few years ago, virtually no reedificat- Castle, which had become the last century little more than a house, and has become a kind of medieval castle, with a crenellated tower.
The parish church of San Vicente de Palmerola, next to the castle, already existed in the twelfth century, and was rebuilt in the seventeenth century; is a building of a nave and side chapels, and has been renovated in the last part of the castle restoration. The festival Palmerola applicable for the first Sunday in September, mentre the 5 May takes place a small festival of San Isidro.