Although hard to believe, Gisclareny there came to be 300 inhabited houses. There are also four castles news, six bridges and a dozen Romanesque churches, sis molins, two sawmills, four hostels, a forge, one Teuleria… and its inhabitants could rest eternally in one of the six cemeteries. Within its tear out the two main roads connecting the historical county and Cerdanya: the way Empedrats, neck slope, and the road of Coll de Jou. Unfortunately, the twentieth century marked a failure such that only four or five remained inhabited houses. Gisclareny is made up of houses and neighborhoods, a people without "people". The relief extremely mountainous and broken Alt Berguedà has never favored that form large urban centers. The climate is rigorous and fertile plains are very slim. This is a country for herds to hoe.