Fair of the Immaculate, celebration corn squared Gironella 08/12/16

The Fair of the Immaculate, Christmas fair, craftsmanship and tradition, Festival includes the Corn Corner. Breakfast fellowship to present with toast, sausages, garlic and wine, meeting of giants and grallers, contest quince aioli, tasting corn squared… .
Corn squared, which means peeled, is a typical product of the Berguedà. Fa a big gra, suitable to be peeled, light color, almost whitish. Although particularly typical soup for Christmas, Berguedà there is a certain consumption throughout the year. It is currently going through a bad time, there are still several mills that pays pretty well and peeled. It is a hard grain and copper costs. To cook it, soaked the night before and boiled for three or four hours. There is an ancient technique for stripping him that it was not used to bring the mill. It consisted of boiled beans with water and ash, in a large casserole, until he obtained the shell with your fingers easily. Then removed from the water and rubbing hands were going peeling grains. Then extended to return to dry and could preserve.

Corn also supports squaring be prepared porridge, trinxat, rossejat and added to salads and Stroke.