Fair Immaculate Gironella 08/12/2014

To them 9 the matí,
29Christmas Fair, Craft and Tradition. Start with the launch of the Fair 3 rockets.

To them 9 the matí, 27Meeting at Giants Grallers. Organized: Gironella Giants and New Viladomiu.

From 2/4 of 10 the matí, the Plaza de la Villa, Breakfast at the fair. Pa torrat, sausages, garlic and wine (Price: 3€)

To them 10 the matí, 11è Concurs de fotografia digital, 7è youth photography competition (of 10 to 16 years), 1Concur is the Selfies. Upload your photo to Instagram with the tag # firadelapurissima2014. Registration at City Hall Gironella, Town Square nº13 (programs apart).

To them 10 the matí, 11è Competition quince aioli. Collecting pans participants (programs apart).

To them 11 the matí, to Station Square, Top of the parade. By the groups of giants and grallers: Navarcles, Olost de Lluçanès, Navas, Sant Feliu Sasserra, Prats de Lluçanès, Masnou, Montmajor, Cardona, Santpedor, Taradell, Espinalbet, Gironella and Puig-Reig.

A 2/4 of 12 the matí, the Square, 25è Great tasting corn squared. Chaired by Chef La Cabana, Jordi Badia.Un plate recovered from the ancient cuisine of Berguedà, chef Miguel Márquez, that was christened "Peace Bowl" TASTING:1€ / tasting cups +:2€

A 2/4 1 pm, at Church Square, Giants danced and Grallers.

A 2/4 of 2 the Migdia, the Old Church. Distribution of prizes and souvenirs. Cribs Contest. Competition aioli.

To them 6 the slow, House of the elderly "HOME" (place Campalans) XXVè pods Competition "Memorial Maria Domenech". Contest rules to: I www.gironella.cat Distribution of prizes photo contest

During the course of FAIR

14Meeting to exchange bottlecaps, the Plaza de la Villa. Introducing the new board. Organized: Friends of bottlecaps Gironella

Exhibitions gym SABS

Christmas carols sung by the choir of children's voices Gironella streets and squares of the old town

Menu corn squared. In the following restaurants of the town can find the menu, throughout the weekend and until the day of the Fair: RB Arsenal, RB Cal Pajares, RB Carmona, RB Camping Gironella, RB Skitx, BR La Taverna, R Celler de la Merced, RB Cellar Corner, BR Gironella, BR I s'hi wave, BR Vichy’s.


Thursday 4

To them 20:30h in the Old Church maize years!

Recognition ceremony for people and organizations that have made it possible to hold 25 years stew Corn squared, dubbed "the plate of Peace"

Monday 8

From the 9 morning at the Old Church

Nativity Exhibition Contest

To participate in the contest cribs must be carried on the Old Church 5 December 10am to 12pm (programs apart).

From the 9 morning at Casa Archive (C/Pont Vell 19)


I GIRONELLA soup CORN corner

Associated establishments START PROMOTING THE DAY OF CHRISTMAS FAIR. We invite DAY 9 JANUARY 2015 TO WIN voucher purchases made at the Cultural Hall at 20.30.