Celebrations of the Barony of Pinós 12-19/07/2014

12 July

Of 9 to 10:30 h, Free guided tours of the Palace Pines, exhibition Baga 1440 and room paintings.

Of 10:30 to 11 h, Breakfast and snack time. Next, Signing the act of twinning with the town of Baga Roca Albera.

D’11 a 12:30 h, Days of medieval towns and villages of Catalonia.

Of 12:30 to 13 h, Presentation of the Way of the last Cathar.

13 h, Sardanes, with the song of the Rock Albera.

17 h, Project Presentation: "The notebook Pierre", Game geocatching.

Next, Come and play with family to find the treasure hidden in the old town of Bagà. Show Choir border Cerdanya.

13 July

12 h, Meeting bell. A half-day meeting with towers of the towers of the action Berga.

18 h, Opening speech of the celebrations of the Barony 2014 by Artur Blasco. Next concert of medieval music.

19 h, Guided tour dramatized in the corners of the old town.

22 h, Concert by the straws de la Horadada.

15 July

17 h, Archeology Workshop by Peter Cascante.

22 h, Screening of the video "The rescue of 100 maidens "of 2013.

16 July

22 h, Night walk organized by the UEC Baga: 3Th round the lands of the barony.

17 July

22 h, Medieval fashion show.

18 July

20:30 h, Parade with accompaniments lords barons, Templars Baga, Ministrils historical reenactment groups and the hoe to attend the dinner barony.

21 h, Dinner XXII edition of the Barony.

19 July

10:30 h, Opening of the exhibition troubadours. Throughout the morning, Historical reenactment groups and Playgrounds.

Of 10 to 14 h, Craft Fair VII and demonstration of traditional crafts involving associations of artisans and crafts of the town of Baga.

Of 18 to 1 h, Show producer of agricultural demonstration county and sausage tasting permanent Taverna.

18 h, Story for children.

18:15 h, Parade.

18:30 h, Archery.

19 h, Camp battle.

19:30 h, Parade.

20 h, Recital of poems and troubadour.

20:30 h, cuttings theater.

22:30 h, Parade Night barons.

23 h, Historical reenactment groups. Next, Closing concert.