PARTY pig slaughter – BORREDA 16/2/2014

The next Sunday, day 16 February, third Sunday in February ,will be held, 42a, edition of the festival of the pig slaughter. A party that has become tradition, thanks to the continuity of those who were initiated.
In fact, the party started , a bet between a group of some of Berga Borredà, engaged in fattening pigs. A proposed kill a pig, and eat it in the Plaza Mayor. One gave the pig, another is put bread, a third the sixth, and breakfast was served.
In that first edition came out in the second, then a third, and so we 42 years later. For years, the initiators are not developers or maintainers party, some by age, others because they have left.
This is a celebration that has not changed much since its inception, it is to comply with the Animal Protection Act, can not kill the pig to the Square as it was during the early years.
So, so, The porc is killed the previous day, and leads to the Plaza Mayor in two channels. There, was cutting up, cooking and charcoal barbecues in various oak. At the point of 10 the matí, begins to distribute meat, along with bread slices that people can toast in 3 there are fires in the Plaza. Some porrons were circling down to the best breakfast.
the pig, weighing uns 90 kg business gift is Catalan feed, and bread, drinks and other ingredients are paid by the council. Due to the considerable number of people who come to town, has led in recent years, buying a 80 pounds of pork products: sausages and bacon, in addition to the 90 kilos of pork.
This is a family party, it is not intended to compete with any other any other people, and hence non making special advertising. Never wanted to facilitate the arrival of coaches not to amass party. With all, among the people, the second home, and neighbors and strangers who know the party, it down the 400 O 500 people.
Weather permitting, is a party to enjoy breakfast, advantage to talk and see friends and colleagues, visit the village and stay for lunch at one of the restaurants. In addition to buying some of the traditional products offered by shops.