Festa Major de l'Espunyola 10-13/08/2012

Friday, 10 d'agost
Of the quarts 10 del vespre the Local Social: Pujada of the Serrat senyera Mesh.

Saturday, 11 d'agost
To them 5 the slow, to lime Majoral: CHILD Espectacle (to concrete). In case of bad weather will be the Local Social.
To them 6 the slow the same place: PARTIT DE FUTBOL, casats against Solters
To them 10 del vespre, the Local Social: Habaneras Recital by the group SAC AND HOOK. With the traditional CREAM ROM.

Sunday 12 of agost
Of the quarts 12 the matí: MISS SOLEMNE, has the Església de Sant Climent of Espunyola.
Leaving, Germanor vermouth.
To them 7 the slow, Magnificent concert by CAFE TRIO
Next, BALL DE VETLLA, with the same group.

Monday 13 d'agost
To them 9 the matí, TIR AL PLAT LOCAL, a Serracanya.
To them 5 the slow the Local Social, The Vine decideix: -TABLE TENNIS CHAMPIONSHIP DANCE WITH LOCAL OR ROLLER

To them 8 the slow, CONFETTI BALL DE, PEP has càrrec i Mr. José
At half time dance, DRAW will take place on a magnificent PANERO.

I el el Diumenge dilluns hi un Haura rocòdrom inflable.