Celebration of the Elois 26-17/07/2014 Berga


Every third weekend of July, Yard full of riders and horses arranged to receive a blessing that is popular in launching buckets of water from balconies and windows of the streets through which. It celebrates the Feast of Elois, dedicated to the patron of the former union iron workers.

Always represented with a horse next, St. Eloi was the patron saint of horses and carriers of the mountains, especially related trades pattern wrought iron, trades that produce products made with Metalworking fire: ferrers, forgers, clavetaires, knife, goldsmiths and jewelers, locksmiths, quincallaires, electricians, so also was the protector of the coachmen, mechanical, garatgistes and locksmiths, although some of them still in San Cristobal. That's why, popularly known as the union workers as iron “the Elois”. The proverb says “Saint Eloi, quan era small, it was in November; medium was Locksmith; mediator was locksmith was great and holy”.

All the locations where the wrought iron guild was important, the day of St. Eloi was a big party. The celebrations were very similar to those made by San Antonio: a solemn, horseback riding horses with the blessing of mules and donkeys, animal races and other popular events.

A Berga, The story goes that in the early twentieth century when the church was blessed in front of Sant Pere, apart from the blessing with holy water the priest did the Salpassa, The bell clerk or from the stairs of the church threw a bucket with water from the parade participants who request. The action ended up becoming a sacristan also adopted the practice Berguedans, that day began to throw water from the balconies and other containers in tupins, a custom that must have not liked much the organizers, party programs that included the recommendation “Do not drop the water rides”. the costum, but won the dust, helped by the fact held in the hottest time of the year, Berga became tradition. Today, if Patum is the festival of fire, Elois is the water festival, a celebration where the people blessed, while playing it, riders and horses coming, around the country to join the party.