Excursion: Rocatallada des Gréixer 28/10/2012


Hike along a very busy and very good views of the southern side of the Park Moixeró, accompanied by members of the UEC Bagà.

Rocatallada is a good vantage point of the valley Bastareny, Moixeró, The Tosa, Pedraforca, Cadi, … A lloc salvatge the poc visitat.
Accompanied by members of the Union of Catalonia Hiker (UEC) Bagà who jointly organized the activity.

Difficulty: High
Slope: 800 m
Length: 8 Km

Note: Cal bear esmorzar, water and proper footwear. The move to the place of beginning of the trip is done with private cars.

Time: A les 8h (ther a MIGDIA)