Of 11/06/2016 to the 12/06/2016 ENTREFILS, TEXTILE FAIR CAL ROSAL


The textile tradition of Cal Rosal renovated and updated in a fair and repeats seems to consolidate with the same format as the previous edition, but not without the occasional novelty…

The current proposals in the world textile and “crafts”, There will again be present in the hands of exhibitors who come to present their projects as: Barcelona handle, Breeze, Ecomatalaser, Children like you, trousseau, Julie and Jane, Tail Worm, always Marti, the Goldfinch, The scrolls Laura, Ulalatela and new additions like Treschanchitas, Raval 58, knot Creations, Drapets, paper maker… At his side, the market in the region, as the Star, Salvans, Needle and thread and Spider.

And the novelty comes from the world of fashion. At Entrefils, this year the world “fashion” be present, with proposals grape skin, Nuria Serra , Blue Dolls, shall count, Garabatisse, Hair Chico, etc… And an exhibition that will review the work and creations of a designer region, Jordi Rafart the berguedà.


Although this program will be filled with activities for all tastes. Examples include the Classroom Open House Sagnier where visitors will have sewing machines to test and thus have a first contact with the world of fashion. Sewing, crochet and printing, others, spread between the last two days Entrefils. A fair designed for the whole family, also with the inclusion in the program of activities for children and families, plus the second Veoveo remained where everyone is invited to bring the project to have in hand and sharing knowledge and learning.