Cross Ametlla de Merola 11/09/2016


Our Cross has already exceeded 28 years of history.

Our Cross was born on 1989. Since then, we have seen how the world of running in Catalonia has evolved, with an increasing number of runners and a proliferation of races of different characteristics. This complicates things more and more for the organizers, que han de buscar al·licients per oferir als corredors, given the increase in the supply of the calendar.


During these 27 years we have also evolved, but we have always maintained the same philosophy, to offer a different race, which above all provoked a smile of happiness and complicity in all the runners, are levels that are.


The circuit has changed a bit over time, bound by circumstances, but the initial structure has always been preserved, combining more solitary areas where you can enjoy the nature of our environment, with more urban ones, to know what our colony is like, a faithful reflection of a time when these urban structures around the factories were of paramount importance in the industrialization of the country..


From a sports point of view, it is difficult to find a more varied circuit than ours, with climbs, downloads, pla, asphalt, terra, grass… This year we will maintain the sense of the circuit we have put into practice for the last three years, in other words that is, on the contrary 24 first editions. The big news will be that runners will be able to decide on the go if you do just one lap, in other words that is, 5 km, or the two of a lifetime, to complete the 10 km. NO need to specify IT WHEN REGISTRATION.


We strongly recommend that you use the internet to register in order to avoid possible transcription errors.. By the way, do not leave the registration at the last minute as participation is limited and no possibility of growth. THERE WILL BE NO REGISTRATION ON THE SAME DAY OF THE RACE, with the exception of the 2 children's races. To finish, and for those of you who don’t know Merola Almond, we have to tell you that it’s a small place and that, for this reason, from the outset we do our best to help you and make your car parking easier. From these lines we want to ask you for understanding and respect for the decisions we make on this issue