Concurs with boletaires 7/10/12


Concurs with boletaires al pla Puigventós (Castellar del Riu).

Sunday 7 d'October

Of 7 morning at half past 12 the Migdia, 56è concurs OF BOLETAIRES.

To them 9 the matí, POPULAR Esmorzar, Entrepans black botifarra, scans, bacon i begudes. Tickets at the same site.

To them 10 the matí, Carp to Vall, 37enes mycological DAYS OF BERGUEDÀ.

To them 10 the matí, 7is. Concurs INFANTIL OF BOLETAIRES, Inscripcions to the weighing zone. Obert a long learning nenes i de 3 to 7 years.

At half past 11 am, CUINA DRESSER'S NEWSLETTER, Band of cuina Berguedà productes.

At half past 11 am, SANTA MISS.

To them 11 the matí, Awards children's drawing.

A dos 12 quarts of the Migdia, APPOINTMENT OF HONORARY ballots, the presence of local and regional.

– Excm. Sr. Salvador Esteve i Figueras
– Sr. Toni Sanchez Massanes the
– Sr. Nandu Jubany i Herms
– Sra. Isabel Marquez the room

A continuació, 56è concurs OF BOLETAIRES
Introducing participants baskets and mushrooms. Close of entries. Heavy dels bolets.
In the 1 the Migdia, CARAVAN, Sortida Puigventós's entourage, pel encapçalada grup of failure. Arribada to Plaça Viladomat, Berga in a arribar, DELIVERY OF PREMIS dels boletaires contests, photography, the de mycology.
Of the quarts 7 del vespre, SARDANES hearing on the Walk of Peace.
A quarter of 9 del vespre, CASTLE Fireworks Fireworks by MATCH
Of the quarts 9 del vespre, Cremada of a spectacular failure ENCESA amb
Throughout the weekend, EXHIBITIONS the promenade Industry. Open mycology samples, photograph the dibuixos