CIM: Pedro Puig Shining (1.764,6 m.) REGION: Berguedà

The Pyrenees mountains Catllaràs belongs to the county and the region is formed by a group of small mountain ranges, in all directions, different valleys that are taxed at the water Llobregat, both from the side of La Pobla de Lillet as Guardiola, Cercs or Vilada. The most important point is Pedra de la Sierra, confluence of the Sierra de Puig Shining in the east, Catllaràs to the northeast and the southwest by the Black Serrat. This summit is surrounded by others of similar stature, such as Roc de la Luna (1.730 m.) Baga Fontanals (1.743 m.), At Baga Alta (1.759 m.) or Roc Catllaràs (1.710 m.), all with the common characteristic of being covered pine. The highest peak is the whole Sierra Black 1.774, views similar to Pedró.