Singing of the Berguedà Caramelles

Enjoy Caramelles Berguedà in the following locations: Vallcebre, day 7 i 8 d'abril. The 7 d'abril, sung to by caramelles…ts the suburbs and houses of the village. I the 8 d'abril, of 8 to 14 h, caramelles singing the suburbs and town center. Berga, the 8 d'abril, singing caramelles, in St. Peter's Square at 13 h. Gironella, the 8 d'abril, Meeting of gangs and singing caramelles, to them 12:30 the Plaza de la Villa. Guardiola de Berguedà, the 8 d'abril, singing caramelles, from the 8 h. I day 9 Easter Monday, caramelles singing with children from the 9 h. La Pobla de Lillet, the 8 d'abril, from the 10 h, children tour through the town singing songs of Easter and accompanied by guitar and accordion. Puig-Reig, day 8 i 9 d'abril, caramelles sung by the town center. Sant Julià de Cerdanyola, day 8 i 9 d'abril. The day 8 Sunday morning around the town and on 9 Easter Monday afternoon we will sing them Falgars.