This 16, 17, 18 i 19 August 2014

Friday 15 August
11:00 hours Mass sung by the choir Borredà
12:00 pm Concert by the Choir of Borredà
13:00 hours by the Ballets Folk Borredà
21:00 Hour Format JAZZ "(Swiss Cheese Tasting (organized by the Jazz Berguedana, PICTURE GALLERY Bauma and Cheese)
23:30 hours the Tumbaos killing DJ Xitus

Saturday 16 of agost
10:00 hours 20 è Table Tennis Championship
12:00 Children pm Group Head and tail and explanation of the small accounts
17:00 Exhibition hours junk and junk Down
18:00 Opening hours of the exhibition-contest bouquets
20:00 Workshop hours Demons
21:00 hours 19 is firework the League Demons charred Borredà
24:00 hours Miquel del Roig
02:00 hours you're Away followed by DJ….

Sunday 17 of agost
12:00 Giants and Big Heads hours Montmajor, Sant Julia de Vilatorta , Sant Bartomeu del Grau , and the cock Radulf Borredà
18:00 Opening hours of the exhibition Competition bouquets, Civic Center
19:00 Sardana Berga am Main
22:00 s Havana REMS Group , will be burned in half
24:00 s Dancing with the Sun Group Night

Monday 18 of agost
11:00 hour workshop sheets and games led by small triesport
17:00 Sausage hours Contest
17:00 hours Popular games for children and not children
21:00 Dinner hours 4er People's Square , the comedian The most obvious 22:30
24:00 Night-hour charity walk and refreshments on arrival (Borredà organized SMOU),

Tuesday 19 of agost
11:00 Triathlon hours
16:00 Dominoes hours in the square for everyone
23:30 Ball hours in the square with the Axis Group , and immediately afterwards to close the Festival
02:00 hores zoot (Axis pachucos between the group and will be distributed hot chocolate and cake for everyone)
03:30 hours my DJ (Disco VIG)
There will be raffles with local produce, and other surprises
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