Borredà, 21 February 2016, Pig slaughter


After the Christmas and New Year, the organizing committee of the next party , Pig slaughter, begins to make preparations so that everything goes round. This festival fulfills 42 years, and whenever necessary in the third Sunday in February, of the 10 from morning to 1.
The festival is the pig slaughter, the day before, a private, in compliance with applicable law, and the next day, Sunday 21 take the two channels of the pig, i is going by cutting the Square, in front of all attendees. Then cook it in a pan, or grilled, and is distributed to all present.
The festival is free, • thanks to the co-operation of the company that gives the Catalan pig feed, d'us 90 kg, and the city adds 70 kilos of black pudding, the pa, and drinks. In the Plaza Mayor lit 2 O 3 Fireworks to make toast, to accompany them with pork products.
During the morning, the Civic Centre, situ 100 Parking meters can visit a photo exhibition and utensils slaughter, as it was 100 O 150 years ago.