Berga, Of 16/05/2016 to the 11/06/2016 Giants PATUM



Berga inaugurated the exhibition of historical pieces of the giants of the Patum. Will be held in the multipurpose room of the Casino. The exhibition will be open until Saturday 11 June.

contains, others, la col·lecció de vestits des del 1866 and the first meeting of the giants, of 1622.

To complement the exhibition were prepared teaching units to work in schools to visit and then interpret the sample. In the same vein, també s’ha publicat un conte sobre els gegants amb il·lustracions de Jaume Capdevila ‘Kap’ i text de Núria Subirana i Judit Corral.

The exhibition is one of the giants of the events to commemorate birthdays: 125 years of the new giant 150 old. Also uploaded to Queralt walk, Sunday 22 of maig; and Sunday 29, the full Patum, will make a special first jump, Anonymous Theater will first see the giants, and then dancing to the song "If I Should Fall Behind ', Bruce Springsteen.

All costs generated by the anniversary events, how 3.000 euros for the exhibition, the troupe assumes, that is self-selling commemorative T-shirts Birthday, the price of 10 euros; and breakfast and lunch on Day Four Whips. With the money left over will help pay extraordinary Patum will be held in September, as part of the Centenary of the Coronation of the Virgin of Queralt.