25to. Reaping Festival and Avia Beat 13-14/07/13



21:30 h. Santa Maria Representation before the musical "La Rossa Bulnes". In commemoration of 25 year celebration of the harvest festival and the Beat Avia, premiere of this musical unpublished, conceived from looking for music and dance before, related work in the field during harvest, the interpretation of actors, and participation of workers, musicians and singers Avia. He guided: Rossend Mangot. Stage direction: Jaume Fíguls. Music: Tres fan people. • With labora: Choral and Drama Association Avianesa Santa Maria Avia Group baton and Mesh. Organized: City of Avia

SUNDAY 14 JULY 2013 MORNING, a l’era de Santa Maria 8h. Mass in the church of Santa Maria Avià. 9h. and throughout the morning, a l 'element of the Santa Maria, Demonstration of mowing, garbejar i batre, by the gang of laborers Avià. At the camp, begging, fer the mos, fresh, i lligar acaballonar. A l'was, garbejar, The batuda, Batre to potes, turn batuda, rampillar, fer Paller the ventar. Following the tradition of recent years, each bring a mower that will start learning on the job or continue to teach what I had last year. 10 h. Breakfast Reapers, demonstration of the typical breakfast that the laborers were to perform this work so hard. The breakfast was the most important meal of the houses and kept the best products to offer to the reapers. At mati, d'sale esmorzars of Page, by housewives Avià. Presence of the Heir of Catalonia and pubilla, Members and guests of the Catalonia Pubillatge.

From 9 am. and throughout the morning, prop de l'era batuda, Fira de productes of ARTESANS of pagès; Quick, brodats, pebble i parfums, Toys and produce. Demonstration of making ropes and spinning wool, by families and Clop River and phyto-Mounted, more demonstrations of other occupations associated with the farm work. XVII of Trobada puntaires, from around the region. Organized: Grup of Puntaires of Avià. Exchange of patchwork clothes and demonstration. Organized: alumnes Patchwork Avià. LATE, Park of the hill and to the square of the Athenaeum 18:30 h. Concert dance traditional music by the Folk Total Berguedana the track round the park Tossal. The Concert, will be offered a varied group of a traditional instrument, acordions, percussió, gralla, Whirlwind, clarinet, whistle i violins, with the intention of creating a meeting point for all those who want to dance or get started in traditional dances. A continuació, Cake tasting the Reaper, Goldeneye soaked in Muscat. 20:00 h. Pep i amb Ball Maria José, Plaça de l'the Ateneu.

RELATED ACTIVITIES Exhibition "One day mowing and beat. 25 years of the party Avia ". Retrospective museitzada and images of what meaning the party during this quarter century. Documentary and photographic archive of the photography section of the Ateneo de Avia and private partnerships. Exhibition Hall of the Ateneo. Opening Friday 12 to them 18:00 h. Friday 12 and Saturday 13, of 18:00 to 20:00 h. Sunday 14, of 20:00 to 21:00h. Permanent exhibition until 31 of agost. Organized: City of Avia, in collaboration with the Ateneo Avia. Avia century photography contest. The topics are the municipality of Avia, and Reaping Festival and this year's Beat. The contest is open to anyone who is, Unlimited, Registration is free and. You can view the rules at City Hall or at Avia www.avia.cat Throughout the month of July, Avia restaurants will offer menu Reaper, made products Berguedá, that represents the characteristics of the main meal that did laborers. The restaurants Tile, The Roda, The Padro, Garrett must, and The Reaper.

Saturday 6 July until Sunday 14 of juliol, Avia shops are adorned with decorations that recall the characteristics of the party. Fifteen days before the holiday, seminar-workshop for young learners reaper, taking advantage of previous work in the field of preparation, under the supervision of more experienced harvesters.