15/03/2015 to 19/04/2015 Visits to dinosaur footprints


The paleontological heritage Fumanya.
We offer a guided tour of paleontological Fumanya, more than four hundred thousand meters of altitude and seven kilometers from cercs mine museum.
Accompanied by an instructor you will approach the paleontological heritage Fumanya from fossil replicas and the original file Museu.Seguidament go out palaeontological, each with their vehicle, address the exploitation of opencast coal located in southern Fumanya 1.400 altitude, This operation uncovered the allowed paleontological Fumanya , especially noted for its size and the large number of dinosaur footprints preserved, more 3.000, corresponding, a very high percentage, a titanosaures, the last large herbivores in the Cretaceous.
This: 15, 22 i 29 March and 3, 4, 5, 12 i 19 d'Abril.
To them 12 h, Meet at reception cercs mine museum.
Sightseeing 1:30 h. Reservations required by calling 93 824 03 36.