12 of agost 2016 Monastery of San Lorenzo 22h


The Festival of Musical Nights Guardiola de Berguedà arrives at the 52nd edition, has become a benchmark in the summer music scene of the region. In fact, is the second oldest festival of its kind in Catalonia, with growing public performances each year and outstanding artists in the music scene.
The day 12 August will be the concert of Lídia Pujol, with the work "Iter Luminis. Jobs and pleasures of love ". This part of the tour Pujol made by the various monasteries of Catalonia architectural heritage which links the legacy of Catalonia with people who share, reflects on humans, the horizon of the country and the world. The concert break, by Lara, the format of the other two, since the end of the action organized a fair with organic products. “We always allow the license for people who do not like classical music can also enjoy pure music nights”, Lara has dit.