Mirador of the Hours , Borredà.


This landscape has three elements that characterize: the house, the fields and forests. Mas de les Heures of the Quar exists and has evolved from the medieval period, so, men and women who have lived are what have shaped the landscape from cutting trees, create farmland or grazing by cattle. Currently the actions of the inhabitants of the house on the landscape has diminished and this new dynamic has increased the surface of forests at the expense of crop fields and pastures.


The stream Merlès was a very watercourse used by farmers in this valley. One of the most widespread uses was to flour mills. To harness the power of water needed to build a dam to raise the water level and allow a wide.

Today the mills have stopped working but still find remnants of locks or simply holes made on the stone that were used to hold the point of the lock as it happens in the big slab in front of the bridge of the throats of Heures