The Mining Museum Cercs 31/10/16


Vol is exploited, as is done in other parts of Catalonia, the potential mystery surrounding the mines. That's why, and the desire to offer a different view of this tourist attraction, Saturday 31 d'October, coinciding with All Saints Day, organized a tour different set of mining Sant Corneli.

As explained by the guide Ivan Sanchez , the idea is to promote the stories and legends that has always been around the mine. A visit is not intended to be scary, yes i tot of misteri, explain where ancient traditions and legends related deaths and this special day. At this point, will tour different areas of the mining colony that is not normally accustomed to visit, and made an illegal and props·different light.

per example, stressed, one of the places you will visit the old bar miners, All Saints was left on for a long table laid with a candle as a gesture of respect to the dead. Some of these traditions are typical of Berguedà, while others are more popular or, simply, were imported by miners who came from outside.

For other gang, this activity also aims to recover and collect some legends still told today, but with time can be lost easily. "In a few years we will have a collection of legends, if not, had lost ", Sanchez said.

A visit is free but limited by reservation phone 93 824 03 36 i, according to Sanchez, will “what special”. At this point, not recommended for children under 10 years, as they discuss dead, and explain five or six stories, en few moments, may put goosebumps.