The weekend 23 i 24 July returns to Berga Festival of Elois


The muggy days ago wanders the city and this, the desire to take out fresh capital also haunt the Berguedà. And yet, touches something cool atmosphere, and do it together and accompanied by horses, mules, donkeys rhythm and joy of the Feast of Elois, as every third weekend of July is restored in Berga.

A celebration as is tradition, start on Saturday 23 to them 12 noon to tabaler, that accompanied the band's School of Berga will last to announce the arrival of the festival.

To them 7 del vespre, the tabaler, the bearer and managers and administrators accompanied by the Band City Yard will start last in the hostel and continue Bou by pg. Drinkers of, Calle Bruc, Street Comte Oliba, Carrer Pío Baroja, Plaza de la Font del Ros, Calle Aurora Bertrana, Road San Fructuoso, Carrer del Roser, Plaça de Sant Joan, City Street, Plaza Santa Magdalena, Paseo Industry, Moreta round, Place de la Ribera, Piazza San Ramon, el carrer de Mn. huch, el carrer de Mn. Cinto Verdaguer and Plaza Las Fuentes. Next, to 2/4 of 8 del vespre, the square will Viladomat Sardanes by the Band Pyrenees, the co-organization of the Association Sardanista Summit Trail.
To them 10 Night Fountain Square Ros will be folk dancing by Dolf and Fermin.

The Celebration of the Elois continue Saturday 9 with blunderbuss am saved by the League of Trabucaires Berga to San Fernando Castle and Plaza de la Font del Ros announced the departure of horses and donkeys. The output will be in the Plaza de la Font del Ros and continue down the street Pío Baroja, Street Comte Oliba, Carrer del Roser, City Street, Mercy Street, Plaza Santa Magdalena, Carrer de Marcel • lí Buxadé, Sant Pere's Square, el carrer de Mn. Comellas (Lucerne), el carrer de Mn. huch, el carrer de Mn. Cinto Verdaguer and Plaza Las Fuentes.

Next, to them 10 the morning will be the blessing of animals in St. Peter's Square, i a 3/4 11 wedding will be typical of Alt Berguedà where the groom will attend the church of St. Francis from the old house Bartrina (pl. Cross). The bride will leave en Borras Andreu, carrer de Buxadé, and will go to temple. Once there, to 2/4 of 12 and with the assistance of managers and administrators, the bearer and accompanying Wedding, There will be a Mass sung in honor of Saint Eloi. to finish, in the Plaza de San Juan, She will dance the ballet is God (or Goodbye), • co-operation with the Group Theater farce, this year dedicated to the bride's bouquet to the late Montserrat Minoves.

The festival will end on 1 noon the ceremony horseshoes • granted to co-workers, in the Plenary Hall of the City of Berga from 2/4 of 6 in the afternoon there will be games and inflatable water for children in the swimming pool, with free admission for everyone from this time.

For the organization of the festival Elois remember that Saturday can not throw water and asks the children to go with donkeys do so if accompanied by an adult. In this way, also warns people with hearing problems or hearing sensitivity, especially the elderly and children, to adopt precautionary measures in the events in which there will trabucaires.