The Borredà Xtrail 2019 will return 21 de Juliol i serà la tercera prova de les 4 del circuit XTRAIL MARATHON CUP!!
Els carrers empedrats i centenaris del petit poble del Pre-Pirineu Català acollirà la prova, an ideal that conveys the essence of the world of mountain.
La Marató de la Borredà Xtrail, runs through trails that lead to places so idyllic·The metal as San Roman Clusa, the Sobrepuny, plan Orri, Calamites and the altars.
A journey that changes the technical sections , corribles with downloads, fast and fun. Another feature is the crossing of streams along the route depending on weather day, more epic and hard Marathon.
La distància Trail de 30k no es queda pas enrere, as it reaches the higher areas Catllaràs, from which a neck rotation will see in one day, from Montserrat, Montseny, and Pedraforca (second stage of XTRAIL MARATHON CUP).
The decline fast and fun to arrival is shared with the Marathon.
La distància 14k és l’única que aquest any ha variat el seu recorregut, less track and footpath, has raised the quality of its route.