Borredà 18/02/18, Pig Slaughter


The organizing committee of the pig slaughter Borredà has already begun to make all necessary preparations so that everything goes round. this festival, to be held next Sunday 18 February morning, part of an old tradition that comes from the people and, lately, being promoted at tourism.

That's why, Everyone is invited to visit the exhibition of photographs and old tools placed at the Civic Center of town, and leverage visita Borredà to buy quality products at village shops, including cheeses, sausages, jams, pa o shells.

As he recalled the council, Slaughter will be the 10.00 to them 13.00 hours in the main square, where the pig will advance the day before death. There will be chopping and, next, Cours is a big paella and grilled, and will be distributed to attendees. The lunch, as recalled, be free, thanks to the support·operation of the company Catalan Feed, which yields a pig 90 kg, and the city, that adds 70 kilos of black pudding, bread and drink.