Avia, Maria Volta Sunday 16 d'October 2016


Avia host for the sixth consecutive year its mountain race, organized by the commission and the City Tour Maria Avia.

For those who still do not know Maria Volta, Race is a little difficulty, leaves and reaches the municipality of Avia, a village 2.200 inhabitants of northern Berguedà, Located in the foothills of the Pre-Pyrenees.

As usual, The start of the race will be 2/4 of 10 am in Piazza Ateneo Avia and its tour circuit 15,5 km and 650 meters of accumulated ascent.

This year, members of the organization we want to reach 300 participants, and we hope that the work of the past 7 years to help us meet this goal.

The route can be completed in a maximum of 3 hours, long enough for most runners and for those who will start in this type of race.

During the race you will find 3 Refreshments, a liquid food and two solid and liquid, on arrival, I expect a good breakfast and you will be given the shirt memory.

Keep the three registration periods, one up 18 September at a reduced price, another until 14 d'October, the usual prices, and another on the day of the race from one hour before departure.

Paral·same time, the field in front of the Plaza Athenaeum will hold the fourth edition of the Mini Maria Volta, a race designed for all children who want to participate.