It all started with the aim of providing a cuisine of quality and authenticity, and continued opting to produce yogurt and sweets, cakes and curd, coockies,…..and jams!.
That is how a wide range of original and handmade jams havebeen created by Ignasi.
strawberry with apple, banana and lemon, kiwi and pear, , tangerine and quince, pumkin and lemon, onion, tomato, pepper, apple and fig, lemon, orange and banana, ……….
They are an essential component of breakfast Masia Rural Tourism.
Jams vegetables are ideal for combining with meat, fish and cheese. The resultat és delicious.
Dishes are prepared at El Querol Vell incloent'hi jams are always a sure hit.
They can be purchased through online store www.elquerolartesa.com, Farm entrusted to it or mail it to, phone or via facebook.
For those who want to enjoy them at home, sent where needed.
Contact us to know the shipping terms. Commands from 25 €, free delivery in Catalonia